Refund policy

Refund Policy:

NOTE: We have a shipment tracker, so we're notified when an order has been delivered to the address on file. Due to some recent fraudulent activity, if for any reason we are notified by a customer that they did not receive the product at the address on file, we will investigate this before issuing refunds, or shipping more product. Thank you for understanding!



We strive to offer superb customer service and high quality products! We have a Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back within 15-days from the day you RECEIVE your product(s), so if your product(s) isn't right let us know immediately, and we will either make it right by sending a replacement, or issuing a refund back onto the card you paid with. However, in order for us to get reimbursed from our suppliers for refunds given to our customers, we will require a photo of the product, along with the reason why you are not satisfied with the product.

All USA made products are available for returns and/or refunds, unless they are custom made. If they are custom made there must be a flaw in the product before returns are available. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed or money back if product doesn't fit, or is flawed. We will just need a photo of the product, and a reason why you are not satisfied with the product.

We DO NOT return anything internationally, so if there is something wrong with your imported product, a refund will be issued, without a return. We will just need a photo of the product, and a reason why you are not satisfied with the product.


NOTE: We spend an enormous amount of time on product research, so our products and clothing should ALL be made with high quality materials, and be as the photos show. ALL clothing should be True to Size Fit of what you would normally wear. If you find a discrepancy in the product quality, photo, or fitting, please let us know through email so we can contact our supplier, and/or update our listing, thank you.

Our delivery time is usually 3-12 Business Days (USA products), or 15-30 Business Days (International products to the USA); however, shipping and delivery issues can but unusually happen; so if you do not receive your order within 30 Business Days we will issue you a refund and you can keep the product when you do receive it.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us at: