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Magical Mesmerizing

Levitating Earth Lamp

We also offer the Levitating Moon and Mars Lamps!

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Introducing the awesome cat house nightstand or litterbox enclosure

Cat House Nightstand

Purfect Choice Pets Plus

PO Box 158

McGregor, MN 55760

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Open 24/7

Our pup Merle in his super fluffy cozy pet bed

Cozy Pet Bed



Purfect Choice Pets has the cutest stuff out there! Great selection and prices!

Cassi Sparks
Zimmerman, MN

From the time my kitty discovered this comfortable bed, he has not left it. We keep the temperature in our home relatively nice, but he loves his new bed on the floor in a cooler zone. I'm sure the memory foam gel-infused works because of his behavior. The outer puffed layers provide a nice area to lay his head and legs/paws to recline. He seems so much more comfortable and peaceful than before.

Leonia, NJ

My new trimmer works beautifully! It came with all the attachments advertised and shipped more quickly than anticipated. Thank you Purfect Choice Pets Plus!

Mark Maikke
McGregor, MN

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