Our Story



Hi, our names are Tammy and Merle! Tammy is the owner of this Awesome little store, and her little helper is Merle, a cute little Minpin/Dachshund mix, 9 yr old rescue fur baby! Tammy began this store because of memories she has of an adorable 5-pound MinPin named Tracer that she had for 15 years, who passed in 2016 😭. However, because she couldn't bear the thought of running this cute little store without actually having a pet, she adopted Merle🐕‍🦺. Thus, this adorably cute ecommerce store was established.

😭 Have you ever bought online and there was no disclosure on how long delivery would take, you didn't know where the company you were buying from was located, or where the products were made; and God forbid, you ordered something and it looked nothing like the photo that described the product??? Well we've had this very same experience many times over when we ordered from online businesses, and then we couldn't get our money back, or had to ship the products back to China at our expense! Our Motto is: Do onto others what you would want done onto you! And we did not like being treated that way!

💗 That's why you will find something very uniquely different about our online business: We are Very Transparent! Nothing hidden here if we can help it! If we know, you will know! You will know approximate delivery times, where your order is shipping from, and where it's made in most cases, and we are a USA Online Business based in Minnesota! Plus be sure and take advantage of our "Track Your Order" capability on our website.

💗 You will have a hassle free 15-day money back guarantee from the day you RECEIVE the product, that if the product is not right, we will either make it right or refund your money. We will not do returns or exchanges internationally, so please, if you are ordering clothing shipped internationally, it's very important that you know what size you usually wear; this clothing is supposed to be True to Size, look exactly as the pictures show, and be made with high quality materials. We do not put anything on our website that is made of cheap quality that we know about, so if you do happen to get a product that is not well made, please be sure and message us about it. Thank you!

💗Awesomely YES, we sell much more than products for pets, and add new products often! If you have questions, please contact us at: PurfectChoicePetsPlus@gmail.com, and we will do our very best to answer any questions you have. Thank you so much for shopping with us through these trying times! We know it's tough out there these days, and we are feeling the crunch too, so we are very thankful and appreciate your business! 💗🐕🐈

REVIEWS PLEASE: Also, we would LOVE to hear from you when you receive your products with a review of your experience with us posted on our website under the products you order! We only post reviews from OUR customers, and we just opened in March 2020. We haven't received very many reviews thus far, because most customers don't reply back to our follow-up emails, so we would really appreciate your reviews! Many websites post reviews from Worldwide for the products they advertise, even if those products were not purchased thru them, so their reviews DO NOT actually reflect their own customer's views. We prefer ONLY to post reviews from our own customers, so we would LOVE to hear from you, and thank you for understanding. Have an Awesome day!